Global Health & Childhood Cancer

A podcast where we discuss the ideas in global health that can save the lives of children with cancer around the world.

Exploring Ideas. Finding Answers.

GHCC serves as a platform for leaders with a diverse range of expertise to discuss how advancements in global health and development can apply to global oncology.

Think of GHCC as an ongoing discussion about one of the most intractable problems in global health: how to provide complex medical care in resource-constrained settings. We will explore this problem through the lens of childhood cancer, but the insights we discuss can be applied to many complex or chronic diseases. So whether you are interested in cancer or any other areas of global health, here you will find useful insights in your own life and work.

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Recent Episodes 

5. How I Live – The Global Pediatric Oncology Documentary

5. How I Live – The Global Pediatric Oncology Documentary

When was the last time you sat for an hour and listended to the life story of a childhood cancer patient in Guatemala? Or Egypt? Or Myanmar?  Most people, even most doctors, would say never! How I Live is a new documentary about this very topic, so that everyone in...

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