When was the last time you sat for an hour and listended to the life story of a childhood cancer patient in Guatemala? Or Egypt? Or Myanmar? 

Most people, even most doctors, would say never! How I Live is a new documentary about this very topic, so that everyone in the world can witness the heroic journies of childhood cancer patients all around the world.  On this episode of the GHCC podcast, we sat down with the filmmakers, Persistent Production, to talk about what it was like to make this film and be honered with the important duty of telling these kids’ stories. 

Visit the How I Live website – click here!

Information on commercial release: The film is not yet commercially available, but follow POINTE’s facebook page or Persistent Productions’ page to receive updates about release.

If you’re interested in hosting a public screening of the film, check out the How I Live website or email the team (click here)

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How I LiveSee the trailer for the film


Post image credit: Scott A Woodward