Episode Summary

Today we talk to Dr. Saskia Mostert, MD, PhD, a pediatric oncologist in the Netherlands who has tremendous experience working with healthcare providers to improve the care of patients in Indonesia and Kenya. Much of her works centers around the time she has spent listen to families to understand how they experience treatment, so that providers can find ways to improve their experience.  She has found that a large proportion of treatment abandonment can be explained by lack of adequate communication between medical teams and the patients, and she has demonstrated through her work that providers can build trust with patients and improve their communication through parent-focused education programs.  Her approach has helped the global oncology community to better understand the social and cultural reasons why patients may abandon treatment and her insights have helped to dramatically reduced treatment abandonment in the locations she has worked.

If you’re in interested contacting Dr. Mostert, you can email her at S.Mostert@vumc.nl 

Download Dr. Mostert’s SIOP 2019 Treatment abandonment lecture here: 2018 SIOP Beyond Socio-Economics – Contribution S. Mostert PODCAST

Find more of Dr. Mostert’s work on her Research Gate profile