Episode Summary

On this episode we wrap up our 5-part series on treatment abandonment.  In the last 4 episodes on the topic, (here, here, here, and here), we discussed the reasons why people abandon treatment and different ways to fix the problem.  This episode is all about applying these insights anywhere in the world where abandonment is a problem.  Paola’s central message in this episode is clear: it is time to turn knowledge into action to end pediatric cancer treatment abandonment.

Ways to get involved
  1. Join the SIOP-PODC Treatment Abandonment working group (Go to Cure4Kids.org -> make a FREE username and password -> go to GROUPS tab -> search “abandonment” -> click the group name -> click “subscribe”)
  2. Review the literature on the TA working group website
  3. Review the “Abandonment of Treatment” curriculum on Cure4Kids (Go to Cure4Kids.org -> click the “Curriculum” tab -> navigate down to “Abandonment of Treatment”)
  4. Email Dr. Friedrich about your interest in abandonment or if you have a story you would like to share (or you can email Mark with the GHCCpod)
  5. Learn implementation science methodologies and dissemination strategies to translate knowledge about abandonment into clinically-actionable insights 
  6. Download Dr. Friedrich’s presentation from SIOP 2018 to find out more!